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 My bio-Tiggi

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PostSubject: My bio-Tiggi   My bio-Tiggi EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 1:31 pm

Name: Tiggi
Age: 14
Gender: Female

History: Tiggi grew up with her family and friends, and was very happy until her Mother died of sickness when Tiggi was 10. Then soon after her oldest sister died at the age of 16 in childbirth when Tiggi was 11. Tiggi and her family took care of the baby, but it was premature and died a few months after. When Tiggi was 12 her younger brother, who was 11, ate a poisonous mushroom and died a week later. When Tiggi turned 13, she made herself a owl out of wood and hung it round her neck. Tiggi then set of on a boat down the deep river nearby. and made another owl from a different tree and burried hers under the ground and wore the other one, hoping that her brother, sister and mother would protect her. Tiggi returned home and nobody noticed she had gone.

Appearance: Tiggi has Long dark wavy brown hair, with a longish side fringe. And Perfectly shaped Crystal blue eyes. Ruby red lips and a small nose. Coffee coloured skin. medium sized, but keeps growing. Wears a long brown Dress/Tunic that is patterned with many colours. And long brown boots. Tiggi wears a owl pendant made out of wood round her neck, for luck. Tiggi is very thin but quite strong. Tiggi sometimes wears her hair up in an untidy bun/ponytail. Tiggi has a band of reed round her head with an owl feather attached to the right side. Tiggi sometimes (at important times) puts a mix of mud, blood and bark on her face in stripes.

Personality: Tiggi Trusts people easily, is very friendly but can get angry. Tiggi Always wants to get into the middle of things and is quite loud. Tiggi Is a really good friend and helps people around her. Sometimes Tiggi changes and wants to be alone. Tiggi Likes to travel a lot . Tiggi Dislikes a lot of other loud people, but can sometimes get on really well with them. Tiggi Is sometimes compared to Owls because she is loud but can get out and away from things easily and hardly anyone complains.


Did you read the rules? There isn't any yet, but I'll abide by normal rules on a web.
How did you discover this site? Kaya told me about it.
What do you think of this site so far? Its cool!
How old are you? 12

*I cant think of anything else to put in history, so is this ok?*

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My bio-Tiggi Empty
PostSubject: Re: My bio-Tiggi   My bio-Tiggi EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 3:58 am

Could you create her history?

Otherwise, it's a nice bio, and I'm looking forward to do RPs with you =)

PS: For the rules, they'll be published soon...


Nice avvie =)
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My bio-Tiggi
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