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 Valeryo's Bio

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PostSubject: Valeryo's Bio   Valeryo's Bio EmptyThu Sep 10, 2009 1:30 pm

Name: Valeryo
Nickname: "The Silver Stag"
Age: 15
Gender: Female

History: Valeryo is a child of European settlers that came to the modern-day America with the ship named Mayflower in the year 1620. But soon after, her father and mother died of some sickness, and Valeryo was left on her own. One day, she roamed away from the settlement, and was found by two native warriors, who brought her to their camp. She was only 7 then, so she doesn't remember much of that time. She now lives with the nation, but fear that they are never going to accept her.

Apperance: Valeryo has curly brown hair, with small tinges of silver, that reach down just past her shoulders, and she sometimes beads them with carved bone or stone beads. Her eyes are a dark olive blue, and her skin deeply tanned from being exposed to the sun a lot of the time. She has a scar on her left arm, that runs from her elbow to wrist. The veins are visible on her arms and on the hands, but only slightly on the latter. Val wears a thin bracelet on her left wrist, with stone beads, pieces of carved bone and a wolf tooth on it.

Personality: Valeryo was originally pretty shy by nature, but when she was left without a family, she had to learn how to fend for herself. Now, she is still pretty sceptic of new people, but is a little more communicative than she was. Still, deep down, she is afraid that the other people in the nation would never accept her, because she wasn’t really one of them. One of her nicknames that they have given her is the “Silver Stag”, because she is very shy, fast and protective.

Other traits: Valeryo is calm and quiet, and doesn't say much, but when she does, it's probably worth listening to. She's left handed, and very precise and accurate, what makes her a good archer or knifethrower. She's also one of the fastest runners in the nation, and can beat most boys in running on short tracks. Also, she has learned to play the bone flute very well.

Companions: Soon after she came to live with them, the Nation gave her a small, ebony-coloured foal, named Snowbone. Valeryo didn't like horses at first, unlike most girls, but she and the horse began to develop a strong friendship with each other. Snowbone does not always accompany her, and he comes only when she whistles a few tones on a bone whistle.

Weapons: Valeryo carries a simple knife, made for her by a warrior from the Nation, and doesn't own any other weapons up to now. She trusts this knife, even though it's quite old by now and sometimes doesn't make a clean cut anymore.

Did you read the rules? Aye!
How did you discover this site? Clicked a link. Simple.
What do you think of this site so far? It's awesome!
How old are you? 14

By the way, I hope the bio is fine. If it doesn't fit, that with European settlers and it all, feel free to tell me to change it. And I'll do it. Very Happy
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Valeryo's Bio
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