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 What is the soundtrack to your life?

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PostSubject: What is the soundtrack to your life?   Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:11 pm

Wonder what it would be like if your life was a movie? Well put together your very own soundtrack.

1)your playlist is on shuffel
2)keep the songs clean
3)no chaning the unliked songs
4)you may add more to the list

Opning Creadits: The Walk ~ Imogen Heap
Theme Song: We Are Broken ~ Paramore
Waking Up: Wandering Star ~ Opiate For The Masses
Getting Ready For School: Everbody's Fool ~ Evanescence
A Day at School: They Live In You ~ The Lion King Broadway Cast
The end of the school day: The Climb ~ Miley Cyrus
Homework: Your Call ~ Secondhand Serenade
The weekend fun: Don't Go Away ~ Buckcherry
Hanging with friends: Familiar Taste Of Poison ~ Halestorm
Meeting new people: Sunshine ~ The All American Rejects
First love: Love is like ~ Skold Vs. KMFDM
Bad Break up: Already Gone ~ Sugarland
Getting together again: Dirty Little Secret ~ The All American Rejects
Leaving Home: I'll Be ~ Edwin McCain
Work: Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson
Ending up in the hospital: What I'd Give ~ Sugarland
Finding the one: You Don't Know How It Feels ~ Tom Petty
The engament: Whatcha Say ~ Jason Derulo
The wedding: Another Heart Calls ~ The All American Rejects
The Happy Moments: Full Moon ~ The Black Ghost
Growing Old: Fear ~ Stop Making Friends
Facing death at one point: Hide and Seek ~ Imogen Heap
Losing a loved one: For Good ~ Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menel
Losing yourself: Cassie(acoustic) ~ Flyleaf
Your Final day: You Raise Me Up ~ Celtic Women
Your Funeral: Psychosocial ~ Slipknot
The Ending: Happy Ending ~ Mika

Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere
And I will not look down
I am falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream
We see God
In the morning sun
Touching the moon
Our birth has just begun
And I will not come down
I'm falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream

~In This Moment
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PostSubject: Re: What is the soundtrack to your life?   Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:48 am

Opening Creadits: Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees
Theme Song: "Samo po pesku se sprehajam" - Bor Gostiša
Waking Up: Open Up The Door And Let The Good Times In - Dean Martin & Petula Clark
Getting Ready For School: Grease is the word - Frankie Valli
A Day at School: School Day - Chuck Berry
The end of the school day: You should be dancing - The Bee Gees
Homework: The Name of the Game - ABBA
The weekend fun: Saturday Night Fever - The Bee Gees
Hanging with friends: Son of Man - Phil Collins
Meeting new people: Stuck on you - Elvis Presley
First love: Wire to wire - Razorlight
Bad Break up: Senza Una Donna - Zucchero & Paul Young
Getting together again: How deep is your love - The Bee Gees
Leaving Home: Knowing me, knowing you - ABBA
Work: Rolling Stock - Starlight Express
Ending up in the hospital: Thriller - Michael Jackson
Finding the one: More than a Woman - The Bee Gees
The engament: Feelings - Il Divo
The wedding: What's a woman - Vaya Con Dios
The Happy Moments: "Silvesterski Poljub" - Alfi Nipič
Growing Old: Amanda - Don Williams
Facing death at one point: You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson
Losing a loved one: My Woman, My Woman, My Wife - Dean Martin
Losing yourself: Grassland Chant - Lion King musical
Your Final day: The Lion sleeps tonight - Lion King musical
Your Funeral: Time to say goodbye - Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
The Ending: My Way - Frank Sinatra

That was really fun! Some of those are pretty weird, though! Wink
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What is the soundtrack to your life?
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