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 Kaya's bio

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PostSubject: Kaya's bio   Kaya's bio EmptySat Sep 12, 2009 8:46 am

Name: Kaya
Age: 15
Gender: female

History: Kaya’s story is more or less a novel filled with sad events. They started the day of her birth, when her mother died, shortly after Kaya was born... When the little girl turned eight, her father caught an incurable disease, which killed him, leaving Kaya and her older brother alone. You might think that the next sad event on the list was the death of her brother, but, no, it wasn’t that. Anyway, Kaya never saw him, as he was always away, always finding an excuse not to go back to his tribe. He didn’t like his younger sister, as he said it was her fault that their mother died.
Because of that, Kaya lived with her aunt, whom she loved very much. Her aunt doesn’t die in this story either, but, when Kaya was eleven, an enemy tribe attacked her tribe, killed many men, and imprisoned her aunt, and lots of other women. Kaya was one of the rare people who didn’t get caught.
After all of those events, Kaya’s life got more or less normal. She helps at the camp, goes hunting, goes swimming (she’s a great swimmer), eats, drinks, sleeps... Even though she’s always done the last three.

Appearance: Kaya is tall and slender. She has flawless (except for a scar on her right arm) tanned skin, and very long wavy hair, that she always wears down. She has huge violet eyes, which look like two amethysts. Long lashes around those eyes make them even more beautiful. Kaya has cherry red lips, and is left handed.

Personality: Kaya’s personality reminds some people of the sea... She is often quite calm, but when she gets angry... Well, let’s just say it scares lots of people. But, when she’s not like that, Kaya is a very nice person. She is also really smart and wise.
Kaya seems to be usually quite happy, but inside, she is the saddest person in the world...


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Kaya's bio Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaya's bio   Kaya's bio EmptyMon Oct 19, 2009 6:20 am

Well, I'll use the same bio, so I'm not gonna bother posting it again (would be completly pointless)
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Kaya's bio
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