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 Kaya & Valeryo

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PostSubject: Kaya & Valeryo   Kaya & Valeryo EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 10:25 am

The light, summer breeze was gently weaving through the tall stalks of the golden grass of the prairie, and a girl sat on a rock, overlooking the sunset's warm, pink colours on the horizon. The light wind ruffled her curly brown hair, the orange light covering her face in various shadows, making her olive green eyes stand out.

Valti often spent her days away from the camp, often gazing at the sunsets in the evenings; she could hear the wide river in the distance, the water calmly flowing in the wide riverbed. Valeryo was happy, she was happy with her life, and she just wanted to sing for herself. A warm feeling of happiness began to bubble up in her heart as she stared, not noticing someone walk behind her.

She only noticed when it was too late, when a black knife was already pushed to the vein at the left side of her neck. Valeryo's heart began beating madly, sending pure adrenaline down the veins of her body. She could see the person's hand, seemingly a man's; covered in black tattoos, mainly showing snakes and wolves, an odd combination. Valti gulped; was this really her end?
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PostSubject: Re: Kaya & Valeryo   Kaya & Valeryo EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 11:52 am

In a clearing, not far from there, Kaya was watching the clouds, laying on her back. She loved doing that around sunset, when part of the sky was light red, pink, and orange, and the other part purple and dark blue. She thought sunset was the most beautiful part of the day, and Kaya was sorry it only lasted a few minutes... How wonderfull it would be if the day was an eternal sunset or sunrise.

But night is also a wonderful part of life, Kaya thought, standing up, The moon, I guess, is my favorite part of it. If the young girl loved the moon so much, it's because of wolves. Wolves have been forever her favorite animals. She shares a close bound with those beautiful animals.

Without knowing why, and still lost in her thoughts, Kaya started to walk towards the prarie that wasn't far away. Gracefuly, she made her way out of the forest and... froze in horror. A man (she couldn't really see his face, it was getting to dark to really see details) holding a knife. The knife was against another girl's neck. The man was ready to kill the girl. She was looking from the man to the knife, from the knife to the girl, from the girl to the man... She didn't know what to do. She did the first thing she though of. She knocked an arrow to her bow, and let it fly, hoping it would get the stranger. Yet, she didn't want it to. She would become a murderer if she killed the man...
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Kaya & Valeryo
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