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 You Know You’re in Pit When…

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You Know You’re in Pit When… Empty
PostSubject: You Know You’re in Pit When…   You Know You’re in Pit When… EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 5:55 pm

Okay this is what happens when Sky doesn't have homework. I go to this site called FanFiction.net and has all sorts of fan-fiction and it has a thing for marching band. So I found something that goes along with my section. Some of things don't happen in my pit, and I thought that may you all would like to get a laugh form what happens in the pit that is in the White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corp.

You Know You’re in Pit When…

1) You run yourself over with your instrument
2) You can load, and unload the truck by yourself almost
3) Hold a grudge aganist the messy drumers who get in your way of putting the vibes away
4) When your malet balls fly off in two different directions, and the percussion judge hands on back to you
5) Almost gets crushed by the podium
6) Keeps hitting your head/and or back on the shelf that you must crawl under
7)Thinks that you are superwoman when it comes to loading
Cool Is on bell duty because the Hobbit tends to drop them...
9) Almost have a heart attack cuz Pete Cutler drive the golf cart crazy, and you are trying to hold on to the things in the trailer (Aburn show)
10) When it rains it's a national desater for the pit.
11) When you accidently hit the pit boss with your malet as it flys out of your hand
12) Is luanching your malet through the guard at the hotel cuz your hand is sweaty
13) Laughs when the pit boss breaks poor Chucks glasses, and the crawl on the ground looking for the screw.
14) Have carfts during practice by splating blue paint on the break drum.
15) Take in your Cymbles into the hotle to finish cleaning them and turn the white washcloths cyan.

That's all for now.

Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere
And I will not look down
I am falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream
We see God
In the morning sun
Touching the moon
Our birth has just begun
And I will not come down
I'm falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream

~In This Moment
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You Know You’re in Pit When…
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