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PostSubject: Jmo. THIS IS WHY WE CAN NOT HAVE NICE THINGS!   Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:39 pm

*Okay everyone, this is a story based on true events. But everything else is pure fiction. The true part is that one of the viberaphones broke when we were in Pennslyviana. Then the one I use broke the day before prelims.... But everything else never did happen. Some of the names are people's nick-names. There rest have their real names.... This is what happens when a Sky gets bored in her Foundations of Education class around 4pm my time. There will be lots of singing. You are warrned. There also may be some random dance parties in this story...*

*If you want I can put together a dictionary of the terms I will be using, the people who are in it, and the songs*

jmo, This is why we can't have nice things.

Jmo was up on the truck getting ready to bring the viberaphones down off the truck. Everybody was waiting on her, when they heard her yell. "The vibes are broken. Bothe of them!" She yelled through the truck. Jmo gathered the parts of the vibes and carried them ouot of the truck. She slowly walked down the silver-ish ramp. The pit walked over to her and looked into her arms. What was laying in her arms, was a few silver bars, and both vibe petals.

Jill was the first one who had the courage to speak. "How did this happen?" She asked. Her voice a whisper. Hobbit, just stared at the peices that were in front of her. Lori just looked upset. And Chuck, he just shooked his head. J-roll went to get Pete A., and Leslie. The three tooked their time on getting over to the group. Just as they arrived Josh had rejoined them. Jmo luanched into her story.

Jmo was finally done with her story. J-roll scratched his head. "Well, What should we do Pete?" He asked looking at Jmo and Jill, because they are now out of an instrument. Pete was climbing up the ramp, stopping Pete slowly truned around. "Jill can go back on to Saprano trumpet, and Jess can play the Mellophone; just until the vibes get fixed. It may take a while. I'm gonna see what other damage happen to those vibes." Pete said ducking under the shelving of the truck. Jmo paled. She gave out a small chuckle. "I can't play mellophone." She said setting down the peices, and she joined Pete in the turck to help bring the vibes off.

They slowly brought down what was left of both viberaphones. Then there was a group gasp as the first one reached the ground. Jmo started singing. "Mmmm whatcha say, Mmm that you only meant well?" The Hobbit laughed at Jmo. "What?" asked Jmo, as she went back up on to the truck. "How can you be singing at a time like this?" Hobbit asked her odd friend. "It was stuck in my head...."

Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere
And I will not look down
I am falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream
We see God
In the morning sun
Touching the moon
Our birth has just begun
And I will not come down
I'm falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream

~In This Moment
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