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 Run Away Dreams Charrie Bios

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*These are the "anceters" of Alex, her family and her three friends. I will combine their human bios soon. Their human bios are that of Alex Blackwood and company.*
Horon - Has the grith, and height of a grizzely bear. He wears buck-skin breeches, and a vest. On his chest was the tattoo of bear claws. and in between his shoulder blades there is a tattoo of a brown bear. His curly brown hair fell into his cyan eyes. Honon is about 6'6" tall. His body is very well built, and scupleted. Horon is with Nita. Horon can shape-shift into a brown bear. It is his animal guardian.

Koko - She had drak brown hair that was cut very short. She stood at 6'4". Her eyes were a milky carmel brown. She too wore buck-skin breeches and a shrit. Under neath that shirt is the tattoo of wolf paw prints. In between her shoulder blades is a white wolf tattoo. She too is very well built. Her body is covered in scars from fights, and just from being rekless. Her animal guardian is the White Wolf. She is able to shape-shift into the white wolf.

Gaia - She has ginger hair, and light brown eyes. She wore a white gown that covered her beautiful slim body. Her smile cold warm the coldest of hearts. Gaia's tattoo was that of the earth on her right forearm, and Mother Earth on her belly, right above her navel. Gaia means mother earth. She is the mother of Honon, Koko, Nidawi. Her husband is Mul. She has no animal guardian, but the Earth... She is able to become Mother Earth.

Nidawi - Has the look of a pixie, but was like a Lynx. Her tattoos were a Lynx on her right knee while the claw prints where located on her chest like the others. She wore buck-skin leggings and a tunic. She is very small for her age. She has short black hari, and has gray eyes. So unlike her parents and siblings. Nidawi is very graceful unlike her clumsy sister Koko. Nidawi is slim. Her animal guardian is the Lynx, and is able to shape-shift into a Lynx. And she is five minutes younger than Koko.

Nita - Next was a pale girl, tall for her kind as well. Standing at 5’8”, with blonde hair and green-blue eyes. She is the mate to Honon. She is Nita meaning bear. Thus her tattoos are a black bear on her left shoulder and bear paws on her chest. She wears the same thing as Nidawi. She can turn into a black bear.

Mull - Is a pale man with dirty blonde hair. His eyes are green like his son's. He wore what all the men wore. The buck skin breeches and the vest. His tatto of the horn hunting god was placed above his navel and antlers where on his right forearm. Like his wife he has no animal guardian but can transform into the Horn Hunting God.

Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere
And I will not look down
I am falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream
We see God
In the morning sun
Touching the moon
Our birth has just begun
And I will not come down
I'm falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come with me and float
Into the never ending dream

~In This Moment
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Run Away Dreams Charrie Bios
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