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 Bios ~ the way you'll present them

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Bios ~ the way you'll present them Empty
PostSubject: Bios ~ the way you'll present them   Bios ~ the way you'll present them EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 11:32 am

As everyone has only one charrie, who's name is the name of your account, the bios will be more precise.
Here is what it should look like, though you can add things to it (eg: things you aren't supposed to know about him/her):


History: (3 lines min.)

Apperance: (3 lines min.)

Personnality: (2 lines min.)


Did you read the rules?
How did you discover this site?
What do you think of this site so far?
How old are you? (optional)


Also, create a new thread for your charrie's bio. The title should be your character's name.

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Bios ~ the way you'll present them
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